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Heshan DEREN Fought the Epidemic and Increased Production for Customers

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On November 21, 2020, CVTE Supplier Exchange Meeting was held ceremoniously, and DEREN Electronics was invited to attend. At the meeting, Mr. Wang Yiran, Chairman of CVTE, spoke highly of Heshan DEREN's excellent performance at the beginning of this year's outbreak and presented MAXHUB with an 86-inch video conference IFP.


Heshan DEREN was Commended at the CVTE Supplier Exchange Meeting in 2020

At the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic not only greatly endangered the health and safety of the public, but also completely disrupted the production and operation plans of enterprises. In order to regain the time lost due to the epidemic situation, Heshan DEREN has implemented various preparatory measures to resume work and production, focusing on catching up with production capacity, taking the smooth completion of orders and timely delivery as the primary objectives, and has made every effort to fight for 51 days, thus realizing the goal of "fighting the epidemic and resuming production at the same time".


Heshan DEREN Production Mobilization Conference

During the epidemic, Heshan DEREN went up against the trend and orders surged. "Recently, the factory was fully engaged, and even our colleagues from the finance department came to the workshop to support us!" Tang Jianyun, deputy general manager, said while meticulously wrapping aluminum foil for the product. In order to ensure the timely delivery of production orders, all management personnel of Heshan DEREN went to the front line of the workshop to support production. Employees from sales, development, finance, administration and other departments joined the production department to complete the production line tasks with good quality and quantity without fear of hardship or fatigue. Through the efforts of all staff, ensure that each order is delivered to customers on schedule.


Roll up Our Sleeves and Work with Added Energy

In order to inspire everyone's morale, Heshan DEREN has launched many production competitions. In a prominent position in the workshop, a "Production Efficiency and Quality Control Competition Announcement Board" is erected, and the competition ranking is updated every day. All the managers and front-line employees rolled up their sleeves and worked hard to draw a wonderful picture of making concerted efforts to ensure production.

During the epidemic, our team's cohesion and fighting capacity reached their acme, with initiative and positivity, responsibility and undertaking, tolerance and mutual assistance... In order to complete the work schedule, employees can't remember how many times they didn't eat on time or how many times they worked overtime until early morning. In order not to let everyone go to work hungry, Manager Tang always specially prepared some food in the workshop. In March, he "eliminated" more than 300 catties of bread and fast food!

"Use our efforts to ensure the success of customers" is DEREN Electronics' consistent service tenet. We always insist on coexistence and win-win with customers, partners, employees and society. At the critical moment of fighting the epidemic, the MAXHUB conference IFP, a product owned by CVTE helped to resume work in many fields. Heshan DEREN also joined hands with customers and partners to fight the epidemic and win-win the future!

Looking back on 2020, perhaps the most common thing you have said and heard is "too difficult". However, we are glad to have such a reliable team, which can resonate with the company at the same frequency and overcome the difficulties together at the critical moment. At the end of 2020, please let's sincerely say "thank you very much" to our colleagues who have worked hard for a year.