DEREN Electronics was established in 1992 and mainly focus on the market for connectors & precision components that for Home Appliance, Consumer and Automotive Electronics, and Telematics Technology. DEREN was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock market in 2006. DEREN own group holding companies, Sino-foreign joint venture, overseas joint venture, overseas trading companies, and overseas sales and service branches.
  • 得潤大廈封頂大吉!開啟公司發展新篇章2021年1月25日上午,得潤大廈封頂儀式隆重舉行。 more+
  • 得潤子公司柏拉蒂電子被納入“濰柴動力產品研發共同體會員”2020年12月,得潤電子子公司柏拉蒂電子(深圳)有限公司正式加入“濰柴動力產品研發共同體”,協同解決柴油機設計中的難點、要點,共同提升柴油機零部件產品質量。 more+
  • China and Europe Join Hands to Create New Opportunities, Qiu Jianmin, Chairman of DEREN Electronics: Will Increase Investment in European Export BusinessQiu Jianmin, chairman of DEREN Electronics, said in an interview with the state media recently that the signing of the China-EU Investment Agreement provides a strong guarantee for our future development, Deren will increase investment in European export business. more+
  • Heshan DEREN Fought the Epidemic and Increased Production for CustomersAt the 2020 CVTE Supplier Exchange Meeting, Mr. Wang Yiran, Chairman of CVTE, spoke highly of Heshan DEREN's excellent performance at the beginning of this year's outbreak. more+